Battered Husbands
 Of America

The Battered Husband concept was founded in 1980 at White Oak, Georgia by our Grand Pooh Bah, President, and Founder Uncle Bo. Uncle Bo nicknamed our hunting lodge the "Battered Husband's Shelter" for all of us men enjoying a weekend from our family and daily lives.

Why do men play golf?
Why do men do yard work?
Why do men go hunting?
Why do men love their lawnmowers?

Are you a battered husband? No one ever talks about how men are abused, yelled at, and emotionally stressed out and drained on a daily basis by our wives.

The Battered Husband movement gets positive results whenever fellow husbands see or hear about it. We value our mail bonding time and can share strategy, and feedback just like we analyze hunting deer.

Are You A Battered Husband?


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